Deliveries are made within the business hour of the requested date. Depending on the weather conditions, the delivery may be delayed till the following day.
We cannot guarantee a same day/time specific delivery online. If you need to send a product urgently, please reach us by phone or email. 
If a delivery has been made to an incorrect address provided by the customer, additional charge for the cost of the flowers and delivery will apply due to the perishable nature of flowers. Please ensure that you have entered the correct address, and if you have entered a wrong address, please reach us by phone call as soon as possible.
Please note that some products may be substituted depending on weekly availability. Substituted products will be equal or higher in quality and value to original. Despite the substitution, overall style and colours of the arrangement will remain very similar. If there are specific flower/products that you would like, please let us know by email/phone.
Return Policy
Due to the perishable nature of fresh cut flowers, we cannot guarantee a return on the flower arrangements. However, if you are unsatisfied with the arrangement due to a rightful reason, please let us know within 48 hours of receiving the flowers with a picture. We will send you a replacement within 24 hours.
For potted plants, you may return up to 7 days after receiving the product if the plant is unhealthy. We do not accept returns to changes in mind as the plant could be stressed and become ill due to frequent changes in environment.
Pots and merchandise goods are final sale. We will replace the pots if there is a default in the product. 
Price is written in CDN (canadian dollars).
Please include a card message, your contact number and the delivery date in the text box below your cart when checking out. You may also call/email us with the information.